Eagles Maddox, Goedert talk to local kids about making good decisions

While Philadelphia Eagles fans continue to hold out hope for the team's playoff chances following Sunday's heartbreaking defeat, the team is continuing to try and make an impact in the community.

Monday, a number of Eagles players met with students in Darby Borough to talk about the importance of making good decisions.

"We got safety Avonte Maddox and tight-end Dallas Goedert," announced a DJ to dozens of screaming kids and their parents came who came out to Darby Recreation Center to see two rising stars of the Eagles.

"I'm most excited about meeting them," said nine-year-old Makai Corbin. He and his eight-year-old cousin Sean McKnight came with their grandmother.

"I think it's an awesome thing. We need just more men period coming out talking to your young people," said Corbin.

Maddox and Goedert were there to give the kids a pep talk about making good choices, following their dreams and staying away from gun violence.

"I wasn't the best kid but I was good enough. I mean I got my work done and it helped me out. I can say sports did a lot for me kept me out of a lot of trouble," said Maddox.

10-year old Kamari Fussell thinks the players got through to a lot of them.

"Because they're football players and they look up to them." He also brought his football.

"Because my others are in the basement and they got smudges so we need to get it signed again," he said.

While most of the kids were too shy to ask questions the adults certainly weren't.

"Somebody want to know if you're single?" asked several women.

It was a tough crowd with many adults also teasing the players about yesterday's damaging loss. However, Darby Borough Police Chief Bob Smythe hopes the real reason the players came really sinks in.

"If we all come together and start talking about it at a very young age maybe they're not going to be shooting people," he said, "They don't want to hear from the police. They want to hear from a guy running and making a touchdown. That's who they want to hear from. They're the guys they admire."

The Harrison family including the eight-year-old boy shot in the face by a stray bullet on Ludlow Street in West Philly last month were invited as special guests. They did not want to talk but got a one-on-one meet-and-greet with the players earlier today.