Eagles QB Jalen Hurts donates $200k to Philadelphia schools for new air conditioning in 10 schools

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts is stepping up to help Philadelphia students learn in a comfortable environment.

Hurts, 25, donated $200,000 to the School District of Philadelphia, which they will use to install new air conditioning in 10 schools.

Clara Barton, Gloria Casarez, Castor Gardens, D. Newlin Fell, Thomas Finletter, Fliter Academic Plus, Benjamin Franklin/Science Leadership Academy, Edward Gideon, Abram Jens, and T. Roosevelt were listed by the district as schools earmarked for new air conditioning units.

"I see so much potential, so much opportunity, I see so many beautiful spirits in these young kids," Hurts said during an assembly at Edward Gideon Elementary School. "Everybody has a dream and they deserve to reach those dreams with the proper resources."

Hurts, joined by Superintendent Tony Watlington, fielded questions from young fans eager to talk to the superstar quarterback. 

"The one thing everyone in this room needs to know is: If given the opportunity and given a push forward – someone to help you, someone to uplift you, someone to help chase those dreams you have – anything is possible with hardwork and the right mindset," Hurts said.