East Rockhill parents want crossing guards at school intersection

"It's very scary," said Amy Scavuzzo. She gets nervous thinking about her daughter walking to school every day.

"The kids are either having to run back to the curb or they have to run across," said Scavuzzo. She says 5th and Campus Drive, the intersection to Pennridge North Middle and High School in East Rockhill Township is unsafe.

"The cars are all coming out at the intersection, the busses are coming out and even when the kids are pressing the button to cross, the traffic isn't obeying or yielding to who is in the crosswalk." Scavuzzo is one of many parents trying to get officials to hire a crossing guard to work the intersection. They recently spoke before the Pennridge School Board and the Pennridge Regional Police Commission about the issue. Officials have put down yellow pedestrian warning signs to help with the problem.

"The school board seems to be on our side with it. It sounds like it's a funding issue," said Scavuzzo.

Michelle Smolenski's son also walks to school.

"It's mayhem with the kids running across," she said.

We reached out to school officials and police. We'll let you know their comments when we hear back from them. Meanwhile Smolenski says she's witnessed a bunch of near misses and neighbors say a student was hit by a car in that intersection six years ago.

"I do think that they do need something because there are quite a few kids that have almost gotten hit up there," said Smolenski.

Parents say there is a police officer here every morning and they point out there's a crossing guard on Friday nights when there's a football game. They plan to speak before township officials at a meeting next week.