Eddie Irizarry: Bodycam proves man never left car in fatal officer-involved shooting, family attorney says

Family of Eddie Irizarry were finally able to see the bodycam footage showing the moment a Philadelphia officer fatally opened fire during a traffic stop, a video they say proves the innocence of their beloved family member.

Attorneys for the family say they were invited to view the footage Wednesday by District Attorney Larry Krasner, weeks after repeated requests.

The 20-minute videos from both officers provide "irrefutable proof" that Irizarry never exited the vehicle, or even attempted to exit, according to attorneys, who say the public release of the video is expected within two weeks.

"He actually rolled his window up to stay in the vehicle," said attorney Kevin O'Brien.

(Courtesy Maria Irizarry)

This realization further disputes initial reports that Irizarry lunged at officers, and supports a video released by the family last week.

That home surveillance video captured officers pulling up alongside Irizarry's vehicle, and drawing their weapons, before Officer Mark Dial fires into the vehicle.


Newly released video shows moment Philadelphia officer opened fire during traffic stop, killing driver

Shaka Johnson, an attorney representing the family of Eddie Irizarry, held a press conference with family members on Tuesday where they shared home surveillance video of the deadly shooting.

According to the video, less than 10 seconds transpired between the time the officers stepped out of their vehicle and when the fatal shots were fired. 

Initial information provided by police claimed that Irizarry had gotten out of his vehicle with a knife and lunged at officers, ignoring commands to drop the weapon. By the following evening, the department changed their account of the shooting, stating that Irizarry was actually seated inside of the vehicle when he was shot. 

Attorneys claim the bodycam footage shows that Irizarry never raised his knife, and even tried to put it away.

"He's never given the opportunity to drop the knife," O'Brien said.

The use of the words "knife," and "weapon" have also now been called into question.

Police reports state that both officers said "weapon," however attorneys claim that is false, with one officer saying, "He has a knife," and the other yelling, "Drop the knife."


Bodycam footage in fatal Philadelphia traffic stop will be released to public in 'near future,' DA says

"This will all be public in the relatively near future," DA Larry Krasner said during an interview on Good Day Philadelphia Thursday. The footage is expected to shed light on the moment Eddie Irizarry was fatally shot six times by an officer, and what lead to it.

Irizarry's family, their representatives and community leaders have repeatedly criticized the police department and city's response to the deadly shooting. 

"It's been an onslaught of lies and fairytails." said attorney Shaka Johnson, who claims the citizen oversight committee viewed the bodycam footage with police two hours after the incident.

"It was a nightmare seeing that yesterday," Irizarry’s aunt, Zoraida Garcia said. "Horrible seeing that footage. I could not sleep last night. I didn’t sleep at all."

The family is calling for justice with the arrest of Officer Dial, and release of the unredacted bodyworn camera footage, which they say DA Krasner has confirmed will happen in the next two weeks.

Dial, 27, a 5-year veteran of the force, has been suspended with intent to dismiss. Activists want him arrested and prosecuted. Reverend Luis Cortes, with Hispanic Clergy of Philadelphia, stated, "The fullest extent of the law. Not, ‘Oh well, he was in the act of doing his job.’ We feel this is a killing of an innocent man."