Effects of government shutdown linger as TSA agents report for duty

The federal government shutdown is over for now and, for federal employees such as TSA agents, the big questions are when will they be receiving a paycheck and what will happen in three weeks, when Shutdown 2.0 might rear its head.

"It's still a little bit stressful knowing you have to play the catchup game. It's still a little relief knowing when the time comes, you can catchup," said TSA agent Maggie Sabitino.

Sabitino reported to her TSA checkpoint as more of her fellow agents are trickling back to work. Several of them already received partial paychecks. Not all that they're due, but it's something.

"Have you seen anything yet?" asked FOX 29's Joyce Evans.

"No, I have not. So, I'll be hopefully part of this week coming, there will be something," Sabitino stated.

Until then, Maggie will be revisiting the airport food pantry, as she and hundreds of her coworkers did last week, for necessities to tie them over.

In the meantime, passengers filing through the security checkpoints say they are seeing a little shorter wait time, but that wasn't their main concern.

"We're feeling good about getting on our flight today," said Christy Matta.

"I came through on Friday. I was a little nervous, I have to say, because they were rushing you through and they were taking…not a shortcut, but they were kind of, moving you around a little bit more," Melissa Stark explained.

"TSA agents were the friendliest I've ever seen which is wonderful to see," Matta added.