Elderly man struck and killed on Roosevelt Boulevard

Police are investigating a deadly accident on Roosevelt Boulevard.

A week and a half after two women were killed in a crash on the same highway, a man was struck and killed by an SUV just four blocks away.

Police say the 69-year-old victim did not cross at the crosswalk and was struck in an inner lane.

Despite signs warning pedestrians not to cross, neighbors say many people still do since the nearest crosswalk is more than 150 yards away.

One neighbor told Fox 29's Brad Sattin she hears the sound of crashes so often, she doesn't even look out her window anymore.

"We just heard the boom, and I just go on with my business because you know if you look outside, somebody's gonna get hurt," said neighbor Florence Zinn.

Neighbors say its hard to judge the speed of cars as they pass.

They say some fly at more than a hundred miles an hour.