Elderly man's home invaded after casino visit

An 83-year-old man went from a high to a low when two men - one with a gun -- broke into his Somerton home at about midnight, days after he visited the Parx Casino and had a successful day there.

FOX 29's Steve Keeley reports it seems the attack was not random. It happened at a duplex in the middle of the busy 10,000 block of Verree Road.

The men burst the door down and stole a few hundred dollars, a cell phone, medicine and a ring -- but didn't rough him up.

The victim had been at the Parx Casino on Sunday and told Keeley he had won at craps. He may have frequented the casino.

He had lots of valet stubs in his car's windshield. Police are looking into whether somebody saw the valet stickers or the victim had bragged about winning, and was then followed.

They're also checking fingerprints and searching for any surveillance video to see the robbers.