Energy company mulls local spots for multi-billion dollar liquid natural gas plant

An energy company says its plan to build a multi-billion dollar liquid natural gas facility on the banks of the Delaware River would be a boon for the local economy, but some have stressed environmental concerns.

Penn-America Energy is mulling several spots between South Philadelphia and Marcus Hook for its hundred-acre facility natural gas liquefaction facility and export terminal, which would be the largest on the east coast. 

Penn-America Energy CEO Frac James told FOX 29 that the estimated $7 billion facility would create 4,000 new jobs. The facility would produce 7M tons of liquid natural a year to be exported overseas. 

"This enables Pennsylvania and the region's specifically southeastern Pennsylvania to have a role in the decarbonization of our planet," James said.

Some residents in Chester, where developers are considering the old Ford plant, have some hesitations about the environmental impact and safety concerns. 

"We want the type of companies that other communities compete for," Zulene Mayfield said. "Versus they have nowhere else to go and they want to also dump on poor black and brown people."

The new plant still has many regulatory hurdles to overcome and is likely four years away if things go smoothly. 

"Wherever this project is sited, our objective is to work very closely with the community to understand their concerns, whether its concerns about safety, the environment jobs," James said.