EPA meeting held in Horsham to address contaminated water

Big water problems in Bucks and Montgomery counties. Homeowner after homeowner pleaded their case to the Environmental Protection Agency Wednesday night. They demanded clean drinking water.

A parade of residents like Nick Krysco claim the drinking water caused major health problems for his family. Now, his parents are sick, his dog died last week of cancer and then he recently learned about his son.

"He's 9 years old--was playing basketball 4 months ago--fine as can be and now he can barely stand because he had to have a tumor that's meloblastoma removed from the back of his head," Krysko said.

Thousands of residents who live near the former Naval Air Warfare Center claim aircraft firefighting chemicals used there for years has been seeping into their drinking water. Test in 2016 showed levels of PFOA's nearly 15 times the EPA's limit.

"We can tell them the EPA is treating this as a top priority," EPA Director of Ground Water and Drinking Water Peter Grevatt said.