Expect high demand for today's newspapers in Philadelphia

Of course, many Philadelphia Eagles fans are looking forward to picking up a copy of Monday's Inquirer and Daily News.

It's something many will keep for years and years to remember this amazing day in Eagles history.

The epic win is plastered all over the front pages of every paper. Check out this headline for the Philadelphia Daily News: "WON FOR THE AGES!"

The Philadelphia Inquirer was channeling Etta James with the simple words, "AT LAST," as the Eagles finally win the big game for the first time in franchise history.

FOX 29's Lauren Johnson was live early Monday in Conshohocken at the printing plant for the Inquirer and Daily News, where they're printing 50,000 copies per hour.

That includes 400,000 Inquirer copies and 300,000 Daily News copies for a total of 700,000.

And there are roughly 70 delivery trucks on the roads making those deliveries.