Expectations, potential profits high for Phillies in 2019

With expectations as high as can be, the Philadelphia Phillies began their season Thursday afternoon against the Atlanta Braves in front of a sold out crowd.

The Phillies clobbered 3 home runs, including a grand slam, and the concession stands and merchandise shops were packed. A welcomed sight to both baseball fans and profiteers.

The Phillies have already made a bundle of money off Bryce Harper jersey sales, which flew off the shelves at a historic pace

But the outside vendors are also readying their bank accounts for the promising season ahead.

"If they lose, they ain't gonna buy shirts," said t-shirt vendor, Mr. White. "If they win, I've got a sale!"

The same goes for food vendors.

James, a man who sells hot pretzels and bottled water outside the stadium, recalled serving larger crowds in the beginning of the season when the Phils were winning, and smaller crowds later in the year when the team began to wane.

Ticket offices are even salivating at the profits a revamped roster will bring them. Season ticket sales are already nearing 40% since last season, which is a great sign for a team who has not welcomed 3 million fans through the turnstiles since 2013.

"I think our goal is always to get 3 million fans, and I think this year in particular we have a really good chance to get there," said Phillies Director of Sales, Derek Schuster.

But for some, success can not be measured in dollars and cents, sometimes it is a feeling inside.

"I love my Phillies!" said 90-year-old Frances Freese.