Eye doctor eyes coffee shop, starts one from scratch

Some folks demand that perfect cup of coffee and leave it to an ophthalmologist to see that!

"This was the perfect place to have a coffee shop," according to Dr. Scott Zeigen.

He and partner Tom Jenkins told FOX 29's Bill Rohrer they love making the perfect cup of coffee.

With the perfect bean, grind, and cup -- Scott and Tom have it all figured out.

"We are here to educate people. We are here to teach them about coffee," Dr. Zeigen said. "It's like any good meal or any place you go to, any high-quality restaurant they want total control from start to finish."

Richboro Coffee started a few months back after Scott realized there wasn't a place in town to get a great cup of coffee.

"We can get coffee but there isn't a place to sit down and get coffee in a situation like this. The closest coffee shop is Newtown," he said.

Rather than driving a few miles, Scott and Tom opened up their own - just three doors down from Scott's ophthalmology practice, where he has been serving patients for the past 30 years.

That came as quite a surprise to many.

"This place finally opened up and my patients would come here, and see me behind the counter. They would look at me and go, 'Dr. Zeigen, Is that you?' I am going shaking head. 'What can I get for you?'"

Back at the office is where all ophthalmologists sit when they examine patients, so Dr. Zeigen had to learn how to be a barista in his spare time.

"You can just hear the crème, hear the frothiness, coming out of the machine," he remembered.

It's like watching two scientists in their lab, blending the perfect measurements of water and Arabica beans.

"I am very meticulous about my surgery and I am very meticulous when I make my cups of coffee," the doctor said.

Richboro Coffee is located at 130 Almshouse Road, just three doors down from some doctor's office.