Families and travelers struggle to deal with spring snowstorm

Spring snow? It's hard to believe that nor'easter number 4 is moving in and will bring heavy, wet snow to the area Wednesday.

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"Hi. Where's the sunshine? Where's the 80 degrees?" said Rashema Lee. She and her husband are taking turns pushing snow. They're getting a head start clearing their driveway unsure of what Wednesday will bring. One thing is for certain about what they'll be doing tomorrow though.

"Enjoying it with the kids now that school is closed. They just called. No school tomorrow. Again," she said. Rashema took us inside her New Castle home to see what her 9-year-old son PJ who didn't want to be on camera and her 8-year old princess Divinity were up to.

"I'm tired of snow but I'm happy there's no school," said Divinity who volunteered to wash dishes tonight freeing up her snow day tomorrow.

"I might play in the snow if it's more snow out there," said Divinity. Her mom says it's become routine with back to back storms late in the season.

"We're actually going to stay in and do some hot chocolate. We thought we were going to be at Rita's because it's spring but still ol' man winter I still here," said Rashema. Ol' man winter is also messing up travel plans for people trying to get home. More than half the flights in and out of Philadelphia International Airport are cancelled.

"I've got to get out of this weather and get back to sunny Fort Lauderdale," said Ava Howland. She and her mom watched the flight board nervously.

"I don't want to leave the airport. I don't want to drive in this weather twice and then they cancel her flight," said Debra Howland. Michelle Lewis-Davis found herself stranded in Philly.

"I know this is ridiculous but it happens right. When I left New Orleans it was extremely hot and I was in a short sleeved shirt," said Davis. Her flight to home to New Orleans is cancelled and a connecting flight was delayed.

"It's crazy. Yeah. It's been crazy," she said.