Family: DA trying to strike deal with Ryan Kelly's accused killer ahead of trial

A family mourning the death of a man killed Thanksgiving Day 2015 is dealing with new turmoil. They want to know if they'll get justice for his death.

"All of us here in this city, we won't feel safe." Bill Kelly says Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner is letting the city down.

Bill's son, Ryan, was just 21 when he was shot and killed on Thanksgiving morning in 2015 in a botched robbery attempt. Two men were charged.

One, Keenan Glenn, agreed to a guilty plea of 20 to 40 years in exchange for testifying against the alleged triggerman, David Ramos.

The Kelly family says up until last month an Assistant DA told them they were going after life in prison for Ramos with no chance of parole.

"She was confident that she could take this to trial win and have Ramos away for life without parole," Kelly's sister Amy Campbell said.

But suddenly this month, they say, the story changed. The family says they were told the DA tried to strike a deal behind their backs with Ramos--offering as little as 22 1/2 years, which they say the judge denied. Now, they believe the DA will try again this week, offering 30-60 years, to avoid a trial.

"I feel like they're for the criminals right now and not advocating for the victims," Campbell said.

Just last week, the family of Sgt. Robert Wilson III who was murdered three years ago in North Philadelphia also voiced their concerns for what they believe is Krasner's decision to not seek the death penalty for the two men accused in his murder.

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The Kellys believe Krasner is looking to give second chances to people who don't deserve them.

The DA's Office released a statement saying they're "committed to seeking justice in this case. Any case where parents lose their children is a bottomless well of suffering, especially when it occurs on Thanksgiving. We are aware of the concerns expressed by the family and we understand their frustration. However, due to the fact that this is a pending case, we are unable to comment further at this time."