Family Has First Baby Girl in 137 Years: 'Everyone Was Thrilled'

(INSIDE EDITION) A South Carolina family welcomed their baby girl into the world last month, the first in 137 years.

Kelen Settle, 36, said her husband, Will Settle, knew that his side of the family hadn't had a girl in a long time, but didn't realize just how long.

"When we found out that we were having a girl, Will's father knew it had been several generations. As we approached the due date, he figured out exactly how many years," Settle told "I definitely added an extra element of excitement when we found out that we were having a girl."

The couple said everyone was ecstatic at their gender reveal party, which they held in December. They both thought they would have another boy.

"It was a very fun reveal and a great Christmas surprise," Settle said. "Everyone was thrilled. My husband, Will, was very emotional. It was a very sweet moment."

The couple's daughter, Carter Louise Settle, was born June 25. Although Carter will have no shortage of male role models on her father's side, Settle said her family has an equal balance of males and females.

"I like to think that she'll have a very well-rounded upbringing," Settle said.

Will Settle, who works in advertising, was even surprised with a cute billboard from his co-workers to welcome Carter.