Family of 73-year-old murder victim speaks out, asking for all involved to be charged

James Lambert’s niece says she wants all of the kids charged and she doesn’t accept an apology she heard from one of the parents Friday evening.

"She’s not a bad kid. Why did she have to be around them kids that make her do them things?" stated the mother of one of the two teens charged, Shara.

Tania Stephens, the niece of James Lambert, Jr, reacting to the words from the from Shara, whose 14-year-old daughter, Gamara Mosley, is charged with murder and conspiracy in the death of Lambert.

14-year-old Richard Jones and Mosley are both charged with Third Degree Murder and Conspiracy, as adults, which is why their photos are being shown.

A 10-year-old was released and not charged and a 13-year-old girl, whose lawyer says she tried to stop it, was also released and isn’t facing charges.

Stephens reached out to FOX 29 to speak after seeing, over the past week, four children turn themselves in with lawyers and their family alongside them. "I want everyone to be charged. Everyone. I don’t want house arrest. They were all part of the crime, no matter if they actually threw a cone. They were there and everyone is guilty even the parents, from the 10-year-old, to the parents."

FOX 29’s Shawnette Wilson asked if Stephens thought all of them should be charged with murder.

"Murder for the ones that actually, physically assaulted him, yes. But, charges for the ones that were there, aiding and abetting," Stephens answered.

She said there must be consequences, but with rehabilitation. "If they let them out, they’re going to just do this to someone else’s family. They need professional help. They need counseling. They need mentorship."

She reflects on the piercing pain the family feels over the loss of her uncle who  they call "Simmie." "They snatched it. They took his life. They stopped him from enjoying his life. From enjoying his family."

And, Stephens says she doesn’t believe the apology she heard from the mom of one of the teens. "It wasn’t heartfelt. It was not. It was not heartfelt. The tears are fake. Everything is fake. The public apology. If your daughter is so sorry, so where’s the apology from her?"