Family Says Daughter was Brutally Attacked by Friends

Anchorage, AK (WTXF) A family says their daughter was brutally attacked by her supposed friends. Now, months later her family in Anchorage, Alaska, wants to know why no one is charged.

In the video, you see a group of girls pouncing on the 14-year-old victim Naomi Johnson; punching and even kicking her in the head. The video goes on for 10 minutes, which was recorded on cell phone video and posted online.

The teen says her best friend lured her to a party back in July where the alleged beating started. Naomi is now home schooled and is too afraid to go back to school. According to the family, the medical bills from the attack topped $40,000. Her parents say the alleged bullying didn't stop with the recorded attack.

"It's hard for me to see her like this. Her whole life changed with school, everything. At one point, I was thinking maybe we should just leave, move. She could start new," the victim's mother, Monica Johnson, explained.

The school district says it can't comment on incidents that occur off school grounds. Anchorage police say they're actively investigating and conducting interviews. The family says that's not enough.