Family searches for good Samaritan after father suffers heart attack

A South Jersey family is on a mission to say thank you. They want to find a good Samaritan who helped save the 59-year-old family man who had a heart attack on a busy stretch highway.

Emily Maryanski and her family are on a mission after her father Jim ended up in Cooper Hospital after suffering a heart attack last week.

"i would say she definitely saved my dad's life--100 percent," Emily told FOX 29 Tuesday night. "My dad's doing a lot better right now, you know, it's a day-by-day process."

Emily's family is trying to find a good Samaritan who stopped her car just off busy I-676 in Camden last week to offer her dad assistance. He was behind the wheel of his Waste Management truck when he began having symptoms of a heart attack. He had just come over the Walt Whitman Bridge.

"Thankfully, a woman saw him and stopped and saw what was going on. She had a car full of kids, stopped and stayed with him," Emily explained.

The unknown good Samaritan stayed with Emily's dad on the side of the road until police and medical personnel arrived there to help her 59-year-old father. As her family waits by her father's bedside at Cooper, they're hoping his Good Samaritan can be found.

"We would love to meet this woman--just give her thanks--just thank her so, so much," Emily said.

After a week at the hospital, Emily just returned to work at the Rizzieri Salon and Spa in Moorestown. She says this whole experience has given her renewed faith in humanity.

"They're really are great people out there and it's just comforting," Emily added.

If Jim Maryanski's good Samaritan is out there, you can contact us at FOX 29 or Emily says you can even stop by the hospital to see her family. They would simply like to say, 'Thank you.'