Family searching for nanny who will dress up like Disney princess

A family in England is hoping to find a part-time nanny who's willing to dress up like a Disney princess for their twin daughters every day.

The job was posted on the website by a family in Hertfordshire.

The family says they understand it's an unusual request but is hoping someone would be willing to dress up like a different Disney princess for their Disney-obsessed five-year-old twin girls each month and really take on the role.

"We are looking for someone who can commit to a character and create a really fun atmosphere in our home, but also won't be afraid to be a disciplinarian if the twins are naughty or act out - they can be little terrors at times!" the post said.

The family says they believe a nanny dressed as the girls' favorite Disney princesses would be a great way to teach the girls about values like determination, compassion, fearlessness, and ambition.

The job pays $53,000 a year and involves picking up the girls after school four days a week and doing Disney-related activities like baking and singing, cooking dinner and possibly putting them to bed, and comes with holidays and sick days.

"We know this isn't exactly a normal job offer, but we think it's a great opportunity for someone to get really creative and add a little magic to our girl's lives!" the post read.