Family: Special needs man beaten, robbed after meeting man online for sex

Detroit --(FOX 2)--A 25-year-old special needs man was allegedly beaten and robbed at gunpoint after inviting a man into his home for sex.

Now the Detroit resident is coming forward hoping to get this dangerous criminal off the streets before he hurts someone else.

"I was thinking I was going to die," Henry Hoskins said. "I thought that was it for me."

With 42 staples in his head, a bruised face and blood in his eye Hoskins says he feels embarrassed and ashamed.

"I just assured him, this is not your fault," said Cynthia Johnson, Henry's mother. "No one deserves this."

Hoskins' mother, Cynthia Johnson, says she adopted Hoskins when he was a baby. Hoskins, who is openly gay, suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome.

Hoskins describes his attacker black man as dark completed, about 21-29 years old, 5 feet 7 to 5 feet 9 inches tall, with an average build and a star on the right side of his face.

Johnson says that hours after celebrating his birthday on July 3, Hoskins began chatting with a man who goes by the name "Tee," on the website Interactive Male.

And just after midnight, Hoskins says, Tee came over.

"By listening to Henry, he probably knew that Henry was very naive," Johnson said.

After their sexual encounter, Hoskins says Tee turned on him.

"He basically grabbed my neck and took the gun and started beating me," Hoskins said.

After pistol whipping Hoskins, Tee began choking him.

"He threw me on the ground when I started yelling and screaming for help," Hoskins said.

Passed out, Hoskins eventually woke up. He noticed his cell phone keys and wallet were gone, thankful he was alive.

"I just told God why did I do this, why did I let him in my house," Hoskins said. "I was wrong."

A family member called Detroit police and Hoskins was taken away in an ambulance. Hoskins, feeling embarrassed originally told police a different story.

Later he admitted he let the man inside.

"I'm sure this wasn't this criminal's first time doing what he's done," Johnson said. "We need to get this animal off the street."

And as Detroit police investigate, this mother and her son hope that by telling his story will save someone else's life.