Family wants answers after South Jersey teen killed in car crash

Cell phone video of Celina Henriquez getting ready for her senior prom in 2015 shows the ravishing beauty and infectious smile her family describes.

"She had a very bubbly personality all the time no matter what," said her brother Joshua. But the video is all they have left along with pictures of the 19-year old killed in a car crash Sunday night on May 21st.

"A lot of emotions, It's just very sad. It's been very hard," said Joshua. He and their mother Jean say the hardest part is not knowing exactly what caused the car she was in to crash.

"We're confused. Just trying to figure out exactly what happened. I guess that's the biggest thing," said Joshua. Investigators say Celina was in a car with her boyfriend 20-year-old Raymond Mason when he lost control driving on 295 near Woodbury and slammed into a tree. Her mother breaks down thinking about rushing to the scene.

"I asked them I said I need to see my baby and they wouldn't let me go near her," cried Jean.

New Jersey State Police say they're still looking into why the car went off the road but Celina's family says a witness told them it was hit-and-run caused by a driver changing lanes.

"The car that was still in the fast lane moved over into their lane and clipped the front end of them which made him loose control," said Joshua. Celina was a bright teen going into her junior year at Rowan University while working a fulltime job and volunteering at an animal shelter. Her family is begging for anyone who knows something to say something.

"All we really want to know is just what happened that night," said Joshua.

Police says the accident remains an open investigation. They would not say whether they suspect hit-and-run as the cause but they're not ruling out anything.