Fast-moving brush fires threaten homes in Delaware County amid region-wide dry spell

A fast-moving brush fire threatened several homes in Delaware County as the region continues to navigate through a dangerous dry spell. 

Firefighters in Upper Providence Township were dispatched to the southbound side of the Media Bypass just before Route 252 around 11 a.m. Tuesday. 

Authorities say several brush fires were spotted at different locations between the State Road exit and the Route 252 exit. 

The quick-moving fires threatened several homes that backed up to the bypass. Ajay Khandelwell, a Daria Rose Court resident, told FOX 29 the flames came within 15 feet of his property. 


"There was smoke everywhere, it was really scary, I never seen this much fire and smoke before from this close," Khandelwell said. 

No homes were seriously damaged, but Delaware County Emergency Services Director Timothy Boyce said some fences and sheds were damaged. 

Fire investigators are working to determine what sparked the inferno. Dry conditions and wind likely played a role in fueling the flames.