Woman shoots husband to death in broad daylight at Bristol Borough Wharf: DA

A Bucks County woman is facing charges after authorities say she shot and killed her husband at a local park Tuesday morning. 

Sammar Khan, 40, is accused of shooting 38-year-old Faisal Iqbal during what witnesses described to police as an argument at Bristol Borough Wharf. 

It's alleged that Khan, a Levittown resident, and Iqbal were talking near the coastline when Khan started speaking loudly in another language. 

Witnesses reported hearing a ‘pop sound’ followed by Khan and Iqbal wrestling. More gunshots were heard by witnesses before Khan and Iqbal started walking towards the parking lot, police said.


Iqbal asked a witness to call 911, at which time police say Khan shot Iqbal twice which caused him to collapse in the grassy area between the water and parking lot. 

It's alleged that as Iqbal laid on the ground defenseless, Khan walked over and shot him twice in the torso and once in the head. 

Responding officers from the Bristol Borough Police Department found Khan with blood on her clothing. Iqbal was pronounced dead at the scene by Bucks County medics. 

Khan is being held without bail on charges of criminal homicide, possession of an instrument of crime, and recklessly endangering another person.