Fatal hit-and-run leaves family searching for answers

Dena Wilson-Street is searching for answers to find the driver who hit her father James Wilson and kept going.

"To leave skid marks. They were going entirely fast in a short amount of seconds," said Wilson-Street.

The incident happened at 41st and Parkside in West Philadelphia around 6 p.m. on December 4 last year.

James was in a coma and died nearly a month and a half later. Wilson-Street says her father was getting something out of his truck parked across the street from his apartment building when he was hit.

"Just as he got into the middle of the street, a car was sitting right across the street waiting in the dark. One of his legs were really weak, he had a limp when he walked. This person went so fast that he didn't have no time to run and they hit him knocked him in the air and he came back down," she said.

Wilson-Street says there were curved skid marks in the road that extended into the lane for oncoming traffic.

"Police say the witness that did come forward said it was not an accident," she adds.

Wilson-Street remembers her father as a hard working maintenance man for the company Penrose. He was 65 and would've retired this year. He has six children.

"Oh my god he was awesome. He'd correct you in a minute if you were wrong. One thing for sure. Definitely dedicated to his family," said Wilson-Street.

This grieving daughter says she's already forgiven whoever did this and just hopes they come forward.

"My dad knows, our dad knows I'm not going to stop until this is solved," she said.