FBI: Both San Bernardino Perpetrators Were Radicalized

Both the man and woman who carried out last week's San Bernardino terrorist attack were radicalized, although the FBI is still seeking to figure out when, how long ago and how that process took place, the FBI's assistant director said in a briefing Monday.

FBI Assistant Director David Bowdich added that the government is still trying to determine what if any foreign contacts the two subjects may have had or what financing they obtained, and also stated that there is evidence that both participated in target practice. Bowdich also said there is no evidence of an outside-the-continental U.S. plot in the attack.

Bowdich also called the investigation "massive" and vowed to continue the investigation at a "breakneck pace." The FBI also plans to meet with victims' families.

Also in the briefing, law enforcement personnel found that the guns used in the attack were purchased, legally, from California Federal Firearms Licensees.

Bowdich clarified that 19 pipes were found in the home of Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, not necessarily 19 pipe bombs, and that the FBI had removed all evidence that was subject to warrant from the residence before the media was let in last week.