Federal charges filed against NY, NJ bombing suspect

Federal authorities filed charges Tuesday against the 28-year-old suspect in the New York and New Jersey bombings over the weekend, according to court documents.

Prosecutors have charged Ahmad Khan Rahami with use of weapons of mass destruction, bombing a place of public use, destruction of property by means of fire or explosive, and use of a destructive device during and in furtherance of a crime of violence.

Investigators said they believe he planted bombs in New York City, as well as Elizabeth and Seaside Park, N.J. One of the devices exploded in Manhattan Saturday night, wounding 29 people.

Ealier on Tuesday, a law enforcement source close to the investigation told Fox news that moments after the dramatic shootout that ended with the capture of bombing suspect Rahami in New Jersey, police recovered his journal which included references to Usama bin Laden and the American terror cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.

The notebook that turned up on Rahami, pierced with a bullet hole, also included writing that referenced "killing the kuffar," or unbeliever, a senior law enforcement official told The New York Times.

Rahami's father, Mohammad, spoke to reporters outside his home in Elizabeth, N.J. "Two years I called the FBI, my son, he's doing very bad, OK? But they check it almost two months... They say he's not a terrorist. I said, 'OK.' Now they say he is a terrorist. I say, 'OK.'"

Rahami's father said that two years ago, his son "was doing bad. Yeah, he stabbed my son, he hit my wife and I put him to jail two years ago."

Mohammad Rahami added that Ahmad stabbed his brother Nasser "for no reason." Later Tuesday, he told reporters that FBI agents "[did] not do their job."

The FBI's Newark field office looked into the accusations, a federal law enforcement source told FoxNews.com. Ahmad Khan Rahami was in jail on an assault charge at the time, the source said, but agents interviewed his father.

"He recanted immediately - he left that part out. He said he didn't mean his son was a terrorist, just that he was interested in gang activity and watching violent videos. There was no derogatory information on him, and no basis to continue the investigation," the source said.

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