Federal government to reimburse NYC for POTUS security costs

New York City is getting $68 million in federal funds to pay back local law enforcement agencies and city taxpayers for costs of protecting president trump and the first family.

The city has spent $24 million from Election Day through Inauguration Day protecting Trump Tower and the Trump family.

Officials say the city spends up to $146,000 per day for the NYPD to protect the first family when the president is not in town. That cost more than doubles when the president is in New York.

"We didn't know if the NYPD would ever be reimbursed for this extensive effort and as the days went by millions and millions of dollars added up," New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said. "It was quite clear this would have a ramification for everything else we're doing. [The] NYPD was taking officers away from vital missions."

The spending bill that President Trump signed yesterday set aside $120 million for his family's security.

Roughly half of the allocated funds will go toward paying back New York City and Palm Beach Countyfor covering his estate in Florida.