Feds raid apartment owned by Atlanta rapper, Ralo

It was a major raid in southwest Atlanta. FOX 5 News has learned the apartment complex belongs to Terrell Davis, an Atlanta rapper who goes by the name Ralo, was served Wednesday with a search warrant.

"FBI, Atlanta Police, Homeland Security, everybody out here, there were like 50 of them and that's a lot!" said Dwayne Sheats who saw the raid go down early Wednesday morning as he was going to work.

Officials surrounded the brick apartment complex on Lucile Avenue. Neighbors said they saw authorities confiscate several cars.

"It was a group of well-armed officers, looking like they were coming to get somebody," said witness Mickey Brownlee.

The FBI isn't saying why they were at the complex. Ralo wasn't there at the time. He was in the DeKalb County Jail. Ralo was arrested over the weekend on a criminal conspiracy charge. Wednesday night, DeKalb County Police said those charges will be dropped, because the narcotics unit is now turning the case over to the ATF.

On social media, Ralo often posts about going to prison for dealing drugs when he was younger.

In 2016, Ralo talked to FOX 5 News when a video went viral of him throwing tens of thousands of dollars at homeless people.

"The type of money we're throwing in these strip clubs, the money we're using on clothes and jewelry, that money can be useful," said Ralo.

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Ralo's friends said he bought the apartment complex on Lucile Avenue a little more than a year ago to give his friends a place to stay. Once law enforcement left the apartments Wednesday, friend Haroun Wakil came by to sit outside to make sure no one else would go in the building. Wakil said he's a good friend and said any serious charges against him are meaningless.

"He's my Muslim brother and I pray for him, I know as long as I keep that prayer going he's going to be alright," said Wakil.