Feds: Witness turns in gun thief after suspect shows him firearms stolen during break-ins

A suspect connected to break-ins at a Dearborn Heights pawn shop is in custody after he showed stolen weapons and bragged about appearing on the news - only to be turned in, according to a federal court filing.

According to the filing, Keondrick Rayford admitted to participating in two break-ins at C&C Coins in Dearborn Heights. He told investigators that he ran into the businesses after a vehicle crashed through the front, grabbed guns, and put them in a getaway vehicle. This happened first just after 5 a.m. Sunday and again around midnight Monday.

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About 50 guns were stolen.

Authorities believe the group, or at least some members of the group who broke into C&C was also involved in a break-in at Armed in Michigan in Westland. Around 50 firearms were stolen from the gun shop after a stolen Kia crashed through the business early Sunday. 

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Some members of the group are also believed to be suspects in a break-in at a Westland CVS about 30 minutes after the gun store thefts. The thieves stole liquor.

Westland police were contacted Monday by a witness who was willing to cooperate in order to receive reward money offered by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

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According to an affidavit from police, Keondrick was wearing the same clothes as the man pictured in the robberies and showed this person a gun. Investigators collected other evidence that linked Keondrick to the robberies. 

The next day, Keondrick allegedly shared a link to an article about the crimes bragged about being he was on the news. The pair then exchanged messages about the witness potentially buying some guns.

Authorities said Keondrick sent a photo of a gun that matches the description of one stolen from C&C.

On Tuesday, Keondrick and his brother Kendrick Rayford were arrested.

Keondrick confessed to the C&C break-ins, authorities said, while Kendrick said he didn't participate. According to the court filing, Kendrick said he did hold some of the guns, and admitted to taking photos of the weapons so he could help his brother get rid of them.

Investigators are seeking theft of firearms from a federal firearms licensee and knowingly possessing stolen firearms charges against Keondrick, as well as a knowingly possessing stolen firearms charge against Kendrick.