Female Kicker Splitting Uprights and Gender Lines in Football

OSCODA, MI- Who says football is just for men?

In Michigan, there's a high school football player knocking down that stereotype, as the only girl playing with the boys.

Taylor Johnson is the kicker for the Oscoda Owls.

She's known for her accuracy.

Above that, she's also making strides as the only girl in an all-male sport.

Taylor's love for kicking may have started on the soccer field, but, after the football team saw what she could do, the rest was history.

"They saw her kick it one time and they're like we got to get this girl on our team. When she put it right through I was like, 'Oh this is going to work,'" said Taylor's mother Michelle, "I never believed I would be a football mom. and now that she's playing Football, football is her number two and she loves playing for them, so the emotion there is I'm just ecstatic for her, I'm glad that she's able to come out and help the boys out and do what she does."

"I was definitely scared, I didn't know how the boys were going to take it especially because, I'm a girl. So I didn't know how they were going to let me in and I didn't know how we were going to make that adjustment of just having a girl on the team," said Taylor.

Taylor is also thankful for her kicking coach, who has helped her keep her accuracy above 90% this season.

"If you want to kick, do it. Because if they don't have a kicker odds are their coach is not about to hunt you down and say I really want you to kick. And I think in that aspect I was really lucky because without Mr. Levasseur, I wouldn't be kicking," Taylor explained.