Fire officials investigate arson in Bucks County

Fire officials are investigating a case of arson in Bucks County Thursday morning.

"Terror--fear to see the flames start from the bottom and work its way up".

Those words from neighbors after a roaring, wind-whipped fire with 20-foot high flames consumed a house on their block in the early morning hours Thursday, forcing some nearby residents from their homes.

"I made my kids get dressed, get dressed if it happens to fall over here, we're walking out the back door," neighbor Rashan Morris told FOX 29.

The fire started around 2:40 a.m. and quickly engulfed the entire home at the corner of Chestnut and Elizabeth Avenue. A passerby saw the flames and went door-to-door, waking up everyone on the block and alerting them to the fast-moving fire, including a very thankful Rashan Morris and her family.

"He just kept banging and banging and banging until we came to the door. I don't know who he was but that's what he did," Morris said.

"He knocks on a couple neighbors doors, gets them out of the houses. One of the neighbors is elderly. It was perfect. Got her to another neighbor's house. Made her safe," Battalion Chief Rob Sponheimer told FOX 29.

Fire investigators quickly determined this to be arson. The home has been empty for months. There was a fire there just a few weeks ago also believed to be arson.

"The first fire about a month ago--flammable liquid was used--this one we're still working on that," Chief Sponheimer said.

Chief Sponheimer says the high winds Thursday morning could have made the blaze even worse.

"With the winds last night we're lucky. There are houses close by here. Lot of trees, electric lines, power lines--embers flying all over the place," Sponheimer explained.

Investigators are working on some leads, but are asking if any passersby on Bristol Road might have seen something. If you did, please give them a call. No one was injured in this fire. There is no motive for the fire at this time.