Firefighters Rescue Boy Stuck in Chimney

Irving, TX--A 10-year-old boy got stuck in a chimney for hours in Texas.

Jayden Wallingsford was on the roof of his home with his friend when he dropped his cell phone down the chimney. Jayden thought he would be able to slide right down to the bottom to retrieve it, but instead, he became stuck for three hours.

"Me and my friend, we were chillaxing on the roof. We got on the chimney just chillaxing and my phone fell into the chimney," Jayden explained.

Jayden's friend Kevin Faber broke a glass door to get inside and try to pull his friend out. However, when he couldn't get Jayden out, he ran for help. Soon, Irving firefighters arrived, scaling the roof. Thankfully, they were able to pull Jayden back out.

Jayden's father, James, says his son is grounded and will not be allowed back out on the roof. He's thankful his son is OK.