First spring-like day brings people out late into the night in Bryn Mawr

The sounds of spring.--people out enjoying a late night with temperatures still in the 60's.

"The weather is so nice too. It's like crazy," said Micaela Santos who couldn't have asked for a better evening while out in Bryn Mawr celebrating a special night with a group of friends.

"Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday so at 12 midnight it's going to be 22. So we just went to Sushi Land which is right over there for dinner and drinks and cannoli chips," said Santos.

Alexa Marberger and Juliana Keenan say they couldn't stay inside tonight because the weather is unbelievable after a rough start to spring.

"It's weird. It just snowed last week," said Marberger. They came from King of Prussia to Bryn Mawr to get the feel of eating out while actually eating in.

"We came out to eat here because they keep their doors open because the weather is so nice especially today. So we're loving it," said Keenan.

Tonight is also a runner's dream.

"Out for a run just to clear my mind after a long day of work," said Jon Wise. After leaving town for Florida to escape shaky weather here he returned to an unexpected surprise.

"I just got back from the Gulf near Pensacola on vacation and it's good to come back to some good weather and avoid all that snow," he said. But some say the love affair with spring won't last long because with warmer weather comes allergies.

"It's so bad I like woke up one morning like a few nights ago and my throat was just so itchy. I was like uh-oh here we go," said one young woman.