Florida 14-year-old starts her freshman year in college

A teen in Florida is gearing up for her first year in college, even though she's not old enough to vote yet or even drive a car!

Danielle Carson, 14, is headed to Deland's Stetson University.

"I've always really enjoyed math," Danielle said. "It's like a puzzle."

Danielle's mother Mindy said the math genius was solving college-level equations when her peers were just learning addition.

"By first grade she was in algebra and by second grade she was in college algebra."

Danielle's parents were forced to home-school her because schools didn't know what to do with the young girl.

"From third grade to seventh grade no school would take her," her mother said.

Danielle is attending Stetson on a partial scholarship and she hopes to go to M.I.T. after that. However, for now, she said she's right where she wants to be.