Florida man helps preserve the headstones of veterans

A Florida man has started honoring deceased veterans in a unique way: by scrubbing clean their cemetery headstones.

Andrew Lumish has cleaned about 600 veterans' headstones to date, according to NPR. He said he decided to restore the stones as a sign of admiration and to learn about the lives of the veterans.

"At first it was to respect those who served to preserve our rights to everything that we do today and all of our freedoms," Lumish said. "On a personal level, I have friends who served who didn't necessarily make it through. Some who died, and some who suffer from the aftereffects of war."

As the owner of a cleaning company, Lumish was inspired to take action after noticing the poor condition of many headstones five years ago.

Every Sunday, he cleans the gravestones of Florida's military veterans.

He uses 25 gallons of water, various brushes, and a cleaning liquid that is environmentally friendly. One individual headstone can take up to four months to restore, but he says it is worth it.

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