Florida woman dies after choosing to save unborn son

Tamarac, FL-A 34-year-old woman suffering from a life threatening condition died last week after giving birth to her fourth child.

Suzanne Mazzola, a special education teacher from Tamarac, suffered from placenta accreta, a rare condition that causes the blood vessels in the placenta to attach too deeply to the uterine wall causing severe bleeding.

Mazzola knew that carrying her unborn son, Owen, 35 weeks could potentially endanger her life. But, she made a brave decision to carry the baby to term, increasing his chances of survival.

After delivering her healthy baby boy via Cesarean Section, Mazzola began to hemorrhage. A team of 15 doctors rushed her to emergency surgery. But, despite their efforts, they were unable to save her.

"She often mentioned how scared she was," Mazzola's coworker, Grace Duran, told the Sun-Sentinel. "We always told her to have faith and be positive. But we never thought this would be the outcome."

Mazzola leaves behind her husband Joe, and their four children Matteo, 7, Ella, 5, Luca, 2, and Owen.

"As with many of us, we never think the worst will happen and don't plan well enough for something like this," wrote Mazzola's aunt, Janet Free, on the family's You Caring page. "Suzanne's four children and husband Joe need our support, as there isn't any financial safety net. Please honor Suzanne by helping support her family in their time of need."

The Tamarac community has united behind the Mazzolas, collecting over $60,000 to help support the grieving family.

To donate to the family visit the family's You Caring page.