Florida woman encounters massive hissing alligator in the Everglades

A woman in the Everglades had an up-close (and perhaps too-close) encounter with a massive, hissing alligator -- and she has the video to prove it.

Conny Randolph, a photographer with Clyde Butcher's Big Cypress Gallery, came across the giant gator this past weekend in Everglades off Tamiami Trail.

As Randolph recorded video of the reptile, nicknamed "Snaggletooth," she said, "I'm going to back up a little bit."

Moments later, the gator could be heard making clicking and hissing noises.

"When wildlife approaches, slowly and carefully give them their space," the company said in the video's caption on Facebook. "Listen closely to the soft clicking sounds this bull gator makes before he hisses."

Staffers say Snaggletooth earned his nickname due to a large tooth that juts out abnormally from the right side of his lower jaw.

Measuring over 10 feet long, Snaggletooth has lived on the gallery's property for over 20 years.

"We regularly watch him with his female companions and their offspring as they live on and around the property," staff told FOX 13.

It's not the first time Snaggletooth has been in the spotlight. Back in 2017, video of the gargantuan gator went viral as he took a stroll in search of a mate.