Florida woman pays nearly $500 water bill in pennies

A woman in Deltona, Florida, believed her water bill, worth $493, was unusually high.

On Monday, Dana McCool decided to "peacefully protest" and paid a water utility bill worth $493 with pennies. She live streamed the payment on her Facebook page.

The Deltona resident shared a number of Facebook Live videos showing her entering the Deltona Water Department and paying her bill using a small wheelbarrow load of bags full of pennies.

McCool is heard in the Facebook video telling the water department employee, she didn't want to make the process "painful" for her and her protest was directed at her bosses. The employee said counting all the pennies wouldn't be a problem.

Speaking to Storyful, McCool said she paid the bill with pennies because she thinks that her, along with others in her municipality, have been receiving "over-inflated water bills". She said they have had water bills as high as $700 for a month.

McCool said Deltona Water Department told them that they "have a leak". However, a plumber and a leak detector have since told McCool they don't have a leak.

McCool added that she paid in pennies because she wanted to protest in a meaningful way.