Florists prepare for Valentine's Day rush of last minute shoppers

Valentine's Day is always February 14th so you can prepare but every year floral shops are just as busy on the actual day.

"It is what I like to call insane," said Kelsey Beck. She and the creative crew over at Ridley Rainbow have been working 12 hour shifts to make your Valentine's Day perfect.

"We were here all day long. We were really busy but we enjoy it," she said. They're picking, sorting, cutting and arranging order after order for people like Tom Dooley who planned ahead.

"I'm a day early for Valentine's Day. I don't want to be late. I definitely don't want to be in trouble."

He's picking up flowers for his daughter and grand-daughter and special stargazer lilies for his wife of 45 years.

"I'm going to put one on the grand piano tonight so when my wife comes home from work she's going to find it there," said Dooley.

Bill and his daughter Ava picked up roses and lilies for the lady of their house.

"I just tell them what I want that's it and they do it," said Bill. Steve was also pleased with his pickup.

"My wife likes the little sunflowers," he said. As smooth as things are going today Kelsey says tomorrow they'll be swamped with late bloomers and you won't believe how desperate they get.

"They'll start picking up artificial. They'll even pick up things we use for cemeteries which is kind of bizarre," she said.

Local grocery stores like Shoprite in Glenolden are also getting ready. They've made it easy with some arrangements bagged and ready to go.

"Tomorrow we just walk around and help everybody pick out what they want or get them balloons or rewrap flowers for them," said the owner Sandy Collins.

Florists also say contrary to popular belief Valentine's Day isn't just for women.

"Let's say your husband or whatever really like snacks. You get him a nice goodie basket because he doesn't want flowers. Let's face it. He wants something good he can sit on the couch and eat," she said.

But a smart man knows it means more to us than them.

"Are you expecting anything in return? No. Just some love that's all," laughed Kevin Maginnis.