Folcroft Officer returns to duty after being shot seven times

Folcroft Police Office Christopher Dorman returned to duty Friday night after being shot seven times in June.

"Excitement. A lot of excitement and a lot of joy," said Officer Christopher Dorman. He's back at work doing the job he loves after about three months off of the job. Friday evening he arrived an hour early for his first day back after he was shot last June. He rushed inside to get right into uniform.

"Absolutely. Yeah I was itching to get it back on," he said.

Officer Dorman said he spent a lot of time at the beach with his girlfriend, nephew and other family while he was recovering from being shot seven times. He says he would have come back sooner if he could have.

"I don't like sitting around waiting. I like working. I like the job I have. It's the best job I've ever had and couldn't wait to get back," he said.

His father and 5-year-old nephew Colin were there to see him off as he hit the streets for his shift.

"I'm very grateful and proud of my son that he survived all of this and he's going back to work as soon as he is but I am nervous and concerned. But that's what he loves and that's what he loves to do and there's no changing it. I'm very proud of him," said his father George Dorman. His Chief was also full of emotion watching him get back into a patrol car.

"He wants to come back to work after what he went through. It's easy to just give it up. I don't want to do that anymore after what I've been through you know? But he wants to come back. He's wanted to come back from day one," said Chief Robert Ruskowski.