Folks are festive in Philadelphia despite the cold temperatures

Yeah, it's cold out there and it's going to stay that way for a few days. Some folks, though, aren't letting the brisk December air stop them.

It's never too cold for die hard skaters to hit the ice. They had plenty of company from the Plaza to LOVE Park.

Two drummers drumming to the groove of a dancing Elmo, a high-fiving Santa making the rounds - it's Christmas time in the city.

"I love the city. This is like, oh my gosh, so much fun. It's not like where we live," said Lisa Schrader.

"The lights and everything - it's so different from walking around in a mall," stated Brittany Schrader.

"I got the wine, the hot wine and it's really good," said Maria Badalamenti.
"You drank that wine?" asked Fox 29's Joyce Evans.
"Yeah. Yep yep," Badalamenti said.

And, they were feeling it, but not everybody had the wine to warm them.

"I'm a little light, I could use another layer," said Adrain Rivera.

"I do have gloves, but oh well," said Kendra Schlitzer.

They say shopping is keeping them warm.

"Maybe another hour or two," said Charley Stricker.

"Did you expect to be out here this long?" asked Evans.
"Not this long, I don't know what I was thinking. I was a failure, I could have done better," Rivera said.