Folks are out getting the last minute shopping done

Procrastinators, this is the moment. The last few hours. One day left to get that holiday shopping done.

If the shopping hasn't been done…well…plenty of people are still out shopping, trying to finish.

"I just got paid yesterday, so I said, 'Okay, time to get some gifts,'" said Miatu.

"I was ready for it. We came last minute. We figured everybody would be doing the same thing," Eliesse explained.

"I'm one of the procrastinators, so hey - at least I got the gift, though," Andrew said.

Scoring gifts last minute at Springfield Mall took a little strategy and a lot of patience.

"It's been easy. You can get through the mall not bad. I think it was way worse yesterday," stated Mik DiPietro.

"What's the worst of it?" asked Fox 29's Joyce Evans.
"Probably in the parking. Pretty crazy," said Shawn.

The hunt for a spot is fierce, but parking rage is not as bad as in prior years.

"The lines are moving fast, especially in Macy's," added Renayia.

The longest line with folks waiting patiently turned out to be for an Auntie Anne's pretzel.

And, bargain shopping takes a toll.

"Got some lotions for my grandma and such," Raygen said.

"Hooking up my mom with nice perfume from Clinique. Got some Yankee Candles. We gotta make the house smell good. I know what I'm doing," stated Gene.

"What kind of deals are you finding," asked Evans.
"Yeah I got this $10.00 reward, so I only spent like $2.00. I'm not mad," Kayla replied.

"You don't have any bags," Evans said.
"I got nothing. She was supposed to help me," Antonio explained.

"When you work here you can also scope out," said Evans.
"For the last couple of weeks during my shifts, I've been peeking around making a mental list. So I got all my last minute shopping done," replied Brooklyn.

"It's a mommy-daughter thing?" Evans asked.
"Yeah we always go out right before Christmas," Denise said.
"I think we've been to the mall 5 times in 3 days, probably," Kayla added.