FOP unleashes billboard & lawn sign campaign directed against DA Seth Williams

It towers over I-95 near Bridge Street and there's no mistaking the message the Fraternal Order of Police is trying to send to embattled District Attorney Seth Williams.

"Nothing personal against him, but it may be time to look in another direction," FOP president John McNesby told FOX 29.

The help wanted, new Philadelphia district attorney billboard went up Wednesday and was quickly followed by the FOP handing out lawn signs with the same message to its members at an afternoon awards ceremony.

"We'll be supporting another candidate," McNesby added

The billboard takes the ongoing war of words between FOP President McNesby and the DA to new heights. It comes just a day after the Philadelphia ethics board fined Williams a record $62,000 for failing to disclose $175,000 in gifts from 2010-2015. Williams accepted "full responsibility for my failure to do everything that was required of me as a public official."

"Any other city official is fired," McNesby claimed.

The billboard drew mixed opinions. The ethics board findings come as a federal investigation is ongoing and Williams is catching FOP heat for failing to charge a teenager who smacked a police officer in the face. McNesby says billboards and lawn signs are just the start.

"Whatever we need to do to make sure the message is sent out," he promised.

A spokesman in the DA's office and a spokesman for the Williams's campaign refused comment on the billboard and lawn signs.