Former Eagles' safety awarded $43.5M in medical malpractice lawsuit

Former Philadelphia Eagles safety and team captain Chris Maragos was awarded over $40M in a medical malpractice lawsuit on Monday. 

It took a jury less than three hours of deliberations to decide to award Maragos $43.5M. 

They ruled that the surgeon, James Bradley and Rothman Orthopedic, committed "medical negligence" in caring for his knee surgery which lead to and early end to Maragos career. 

"I hope this decision sends a message to teams' medical staffs that players are people, not just contracts," Margos, now 36, said in a statement. 

"This case and this jury may have changed the course of history by now forcing these team doctors and trainers to stop worrying about when a player might return to play. and start thinking about the next 50 years of a player’s life."

Maragos played eight seasons in the NFL from 2010-2017, including four years in Philadelphia. He was a two-time Super Bowl Champion with both the Eagles and Seahawks.