Philadelphia sheriff’s deputy accused of selling guns after they were used in Roxborough H.S. shooting

A former Philadelphia sheriff’s deputy is facing federal firearms trafficking charges after he allegedly sold two handguns just weeks after authorities say they were used in a deadly shooting outside of Roxborough High School. 

Federal officials allege Samir Ahmad, 29, was charged after selling two handguns to a confidential informant on Oct. 13, while he was employed as a Deputy Sheriff in Philadelphia.

According to court documents, both of the firearms sold during that transaction were traced by law enforcement and were found to have been used in the Sept. 27 shooting in Roxborough that killed a 14-year-old boy and injured four other teens.

Authorities say that during that exchange, the informant explained to Ahmad that he was in the country illegally and that he could be deported if he was caught with the gun. 

According to the criminal complaint, Ahmad told the informant, ‘You don’t got to worry about none of that." 

Ahmad allegedly made $3,000 in that sale of firearms and ammunition. 

Ahmad was arrested on Oct. 19 and his employment with the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office was terminated.

"As alleged, Samir Ahmad abused his authority – to the greatest extent possible – as a sworn law enforcement officer," said U.S. Attorney Jacqueline C. Romero. "The defendant was allegedly illegally selling firearms on the street to at least one person who was not permitted to possess them, adding fuel to the already-incendiary fire of deadly gun violence in the City of Philadelphia. Working with our law enforcement partners, we are doing all that we can to investigate and prosecute those responsible for the violence."

The Philadelphia Sheriff's Office released a statement on Twitter saying that he was served a 30-day notice of intent to dismiss. He had been with the Sheriff's Office since February 2018. 

The investigation is ongoing.