Four special needs students win homecoming titles at a Virginia high school

Four special needs students won homecoming titles for their respective grades at Patrick Henry High School in Virginia.

Freshman Noah Pearce, sophomore Joshua Goddard, and junior DeAndre Robinson, all took home the title of "homecoming prince" after each of them ran against four other male students in their grades.

River Starks scored homecoming king win for his senior year.

All four students were greeted with cheers of excitement as their crowns were bestowed upon them.

"We're just so proud of our student body," Beth Markwood, one of the organizers of the homecoming court, told WIRC. ""Our special needs students are an integral part of our school."

Avery Houchins, who was on the junior homecoming court, said nothing like that had happened at the school before and that all four boys who won were extremely excited.

"Just to see how excited they got was one of the most amazing things. All of the students were screaming their names," said Houchins.

River got emotional when he won king, according to his homecoming Queen, senior Brook Winston.

"It was really exciting to know that we were elected by our whole student body," said Winston. "River was so happy. I'll never forget that. He was really cool about it, but you could tell he was so excited and he got emotional."

Winston describes the four as some of the most personable guys around school.

"Everyone knows them they talk to everyone. They're really cool," said Winston.