Fourth of July: From Philly parade to the Jersey shore, folks take time to celebrate country's birthday

It’s the Fourth of July and festivities across the region have begun. The highlight will be the Wawa Welcome America July 4th Concert on the Ben Franklin Parkway, but that isn’t the only event.

People are celebrating America’s 248th birthday all across the country, though no one does it like Philly, where it all began.

A star-studded parade took place on the streets of Philly as American flags big and small were seen waving from nearly every corner, with music of all genres serenading the crowd. A celebration of diversity and representation in the city of America’s birth.

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Todd Marcocci is the producer of the Salute to Independence Parade and he says it shows a canvas of America. "This is the only parade in the whole entire nation where you can, literally, walk in the footsteps of our forefathers."

Delores London traveled from Brooklyn to celebrate the special day in Philly. "July 4th, 1988, I arrived. I came and I saw a celebration and I thought somebody told them I was coming, but it was the 4th of July. So I’m here in Philadelphia celebrating my arrival via transplanted from Trinidad into the U.S. to here, as an immigrant."


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From Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs, to the beaches at the Jersey Shore, here's where you can catch some Fourth of July fireworks starting this week:

And, no surprise, there were long lines to see the Liberty Bell. Many others took photos in front of Independence Hall, where the Declaration of independence and the U.S. Constitution were signed and adopted.

An inspiring day of patriotism in the birthplace of America.

Meanwhile, down at the Jersey shore, the weather unfolded in a picture-perfect way, as beaches were packed and the ocean inviting.

Families and friends gathered up and down the Jersey shore to celebrate the country and enjoy reunion time together.

Some also took some time off the Margate beach to enjoy miniature golf and some shopping along Ventnor Avenue.

A relaxing day of fun in the sun in anticipation of an exciting evening of fireworks and celebration for the country’s 248th birthday.