FOX 29 Investigates: Family says they made shocking discovery

A Gloucester County, New Jersey family is reeling not just because of a tragic loss of their loved one but also due to the horrific way they say they discovered some of her remains. The family

On a small patch of land, where cars speed-by on Williamstown Road in Williamstown, New Jersey, there's a small, weathered memorial for Susan Pfost. In her mid-50's--the mother and wife--lost her life in a December auto accident.

"I miss her a lot. Little things I will see a couple dancing and I'll think about my mom," her son Justin Pfost told FOX 29.

But the memories of his mother--a school bus aide--is tainted and stained by what family members and their attorney say was a horrible discovery when they tried to erect their mom's memorial.

"They looked off to the right and there was Susan's hand," attorney Theresa C. Grabowski said.

Video of the accident shows Pfost's small car clipping the vehicle in front of her and careening off the road. She was killed instantly and her husband learned from the funeral director her hand was severed. Told by police--claims their attorney--the remains were likely in her demolished vehicle. Justin and his sister returned to the scene to memorialize her and found her hand with her wedding and engagement rings still on.

"It's shocking I didn't get to see my mom at the funeral the body was badly injured. Ahh, there's no words for it--no words for it that's all I can say," said Justin.

Pictures--taken by police says their lawyer--show the severed hand in the area of the crash. It is difficult to see, but traces of blood are evident in the photo. She can't understand how emergency responders missed it and didn't go back for it once it was realized it was not with the body. She's put Winslow Township police, fire, EMS and others on notice she may sue for emotional distress.

"What if this had been Jane Doe random victim of violence? There are body parts strewn around South Jersey. You're telling me you took pictures?" said Grabowski.

Meanwhile, the family mourns and asks hard questions.

"How do you leave that? How do you leave it by the side of the road for anyone to find?" asked Justin.

Winslow's town attorney on the phone said, "municipal leaders are sorry for the family's loss--but argue its fire and police have done nothing wrong."