FOX 29 Unleashes Its Own Star Power at Empire Finale Party

Everyone is talking about FOX's newest hit "Empire"! The show, chronicling the family and business drama surrounding music mogul Luscious Lyon, has broken ratings records and made stars of many of its cast members.

The show's music has also become wildly popular, with a soundtrack album out now. Season one may be over, but fans are going to be talking about Wednesday night's finale for a long time.

FOX 29 joined in on the fun partnering with 900AM WURD and Miss Tootsie's Soul Food Restaurant for a viewing party. Quincy Harris, Alex Holley, Mike Jerrick, Sue Serio, Lauren Johnson, Scott Williams, joined Mayor Michael Nutter and reality TV star Shawn Bullard to see which one of Empire's rising stars will remain at the top.