Gas Station Groove: Surveillance Video Shows Cashier Dancing With Elderly Woman in Convenience Store

(INSIDE EDITION) Fill 'er up -- with rhythm.

An elderly woman walked into the Canadian gas station convenience store Sunday evening with her husband, after getting gas.

She then asked a supervisor if she could have a dance with Sean Fraser, a young man working the cash register.

"At the time, we were pretty busy," Milne Court Petro-Canada manager Damon Hubley told "Sean asked if she could wait a few minutes. She waited right by the cash."

Five minutes later, Fraser emerged from behind the counter, helped her set her purse down, and reached for her hand.

"She started to lead," Fraser said in an interview with Global News. "I could see the look in her eyes. She was telling me how much she used to dance and sing. I wanted to make her day."

In the store surveillance footage, Fraser can be seen twirling her as her husband watched from a distance.

"She even broke out in song to him," Hubley said.

"It must have been from the 50s or 60s," Fraser said. "She had a lovely voice."

According to Hubley, the pair danced for almost a minute, before she was so elated that she shimmied out the door -- without her handbag.

"She was still dancing on her way out and she left her purse here," Hubley laughed. He said the purse was still in the store's possession since the Sunday evening dance.

"We're currently trying to reach out to her," he said.

And when she returns, Fraser said he'll be ready: "I'm always available for round two."

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